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2017 will be great!
A real networking and business development experience.


Dare to be Great!  And, Get There!


Do you want your business to soar in 2017?  Of course, you do.   But, really, what's your plan?  What will you do tomorrow to make 31 December 2017 be everything you dream it to be?

We are offering a virtual service- via eMail, skype (if you are not in the USA), phone, and desktop sharing- to help you plan AND achieve your goals.  To grow your business.  To grow your capabilities- as a manager, as an entrepreneur, and as a company.

For two months or so, we will spend a lot of time- determining where you are, where you want to be, and developing the plans to bridge those two scenarios.  We will develop a plan centered about THREE (3) goals that must be accomplished by the end of 12 months.  After that, we will meet twice a week. 

We will define Key Performance Indicators (KPI) against which you can and  will monitor your progress. 

We will pair you up with dissimilar firms (to preclude cannibalizing each other's ideas).  And, we will have normalized goals and results so that only you (and we) will know your real numbers.  These teams will serve as "Accountability Partners" to one another.  We will make sure each of us achieve the goals we have set forth.

We will serve as advisors to one another.  Help one another "get out of stuck", look at issues with different perspectives.

We will GROW our businesses and have a great time doing so.  Come join us!  Come make 2017 the year you want it to be.

You may find this video useful to help plan your 2017 business year.

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