Monthly Accounting Fees



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All fees includes the software, as indicated

All fees include the following:

monthly payroll for up to 5 employees (plus quarterly federal and state filings)

bank reconciliation for one bank and one credit card (up to 50 transactions per month, total)

Fees for Bookkeeping

 ** Xero does not handle inventory.  One must choose an add-on product, for which there are many that integrate directly into the software.  Price depends upon choice of additional software.

^ KPI for your firm are custom prepared, based upon your entity and needs.  Depending upon how clear your business plan is, we have developed these for clients who sign for six months or more (cancellation fees apply) for $ 100

^^ Strategy development, like KPI determination, are a function of how clear the firm objectives are, the business objectives, etc.  If you have a clear business plan, we rely upon your strategy.  If not, we need to develop such plans jointly.


Sample income tax rates for clients with ONE YEAR contracts (cancellation fees apply) are $ 200 for LLC and S entities and $ 300 for C entities (with annual turnover under $ 250K).  LLC and S tax pricing assume TWO (2) or fewer K-1’s.  Additional K-1’s (for additional stockholders) add $ 25 each to the cost.

 Schedule C (unincorporated entities) file taxes as part of their personal  taxes, so there are more variables involved in the quotation.  But a Schedule C that you will incorporate into your own tax filing will run $ 50 (for those with ONE YEAR contracts. 

Last Updated:    27 September 2017