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We have included here some of the non-proprietary papers and advice we offer our clients.  (In some cases, the data has been edited to remove confidential information.)

Please note that our expertise spans several areas:

Corporate Management

Corporate Financial Management

Personal Financial Management

Product Development and Design

Process Design and Improvements

Taxation- Individual, Corporate, Trust, Partnership, and Non-Profits

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Design and analysis axioms for the 21st Century

Financing Fundamentals

Cash Flow and Income Statements:  Monitor Your Business

What’s the right price for my product or service

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How to plan in this recession

The Economy Has Shifted- it’s TIME to act, now

Business Strategy:  Are We At a Crossroads?

What is Reasonable Compensation (S Corporations)

Vision, Mission, and Goals

Starting a New Venture?  Consider these as crucial elements.

Barriers to Entry

Business Plan- Fundamental Queries

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