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2017 Income Tax Season

It’s Tax Time Again!

We have been working with corporations, partnerships, foundations, estates, and individuals since we began operations.   Some of our professionals have been providing tax analysis and preparation services for more than 45 years.  That does not mean we are stodgy or rest on our laurels- it means we actually love doing them.  It’s just a puzzle- with the aim to insure that our clients pay the lowest amount of taxes required by law.  If you plan to cheat, don’t contact us.  If you plan to pay your fair share of taxes and not a drop more, you can find none better than us to insure that happens.

You will find our rates very reasonable.  You will find our results astonishing!   Contact us now, so we can add you to our roster of (more-than-) satisfied clientele.



Also, many of you are now subject to Obamacare-

Individuals and Small Businesses…

We have a link that can make it very easy for you comply, save money, and maybe even get a rebate.

Obamacare:  What Small Business Needs to Know

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