What sort of firms are our clients

Our Clients:

  • The Adjuvancy Group works with both start-ups as well as established companies,  without regard to industry or revenue size.
  • We work with companies that have a temporary or moderate-term need for specialized services from experienced sources.  
  • We provide virtual officers (CXO, such as CEO, CFO, CIO, CTOas well as technical and financial analysts.  
  • We work with firms that have defined projects but lack the resources, time, or long-term need to hire staff to complete the project within the necessary timeframe- or even faster.
  • We can provide temporary services to both achieve the goals of your organization and train your staff (existing or new) to allow for a more permanent solution to the need.
  • We let you respond quickly to market conditions with experienced staff and workable solutions.

Over the years, we have provided our services to:

Automotive Services
Biotechnology (Microbes & Enzymes)
Bottled Water Providers
Computer Products
Food Processors
Food Services
Health Care Providers (Doctors/Clinics)
Heavy Industrial Manufacturing
Magazine Publisher
Medical Device Manufacturers
Newsletter Publisher
Non-Profit Entities (Churches/Synagogues)
Pharmaceutical Products
Professional Services (Accountants)
Professional Services (Consulting Engineers)
Professional Services (Law Firms)
Public Relations/Lobbying Firms
Real Estate Management Companies (apartment, homes, commercial)
Water Companies

To learn how we can help you operate your business more efficiently, off-load important projects or provide Virtual CXO services, call 202.239.1124 or 703.548.1343  or e-mail us.