What I learned from Chanuka- and a Wedding

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I was honored to be invited to a wedding of two friends- Rick and Maraji.  These two wonderful people decided to have the ceremony in their home on Rosh Chodesh (the new moon) of Chanuka.  (Oh, it was also on a Tuesday- the day of creation when Hashem said it was a good day- twice!) The wedding was wonderful- their words to each other- and us- clearly evoked my emotions.  And, the toast- by their daughter- custom made lyrics sung a capella…  You just had to be there.

Rick and MarajiBut, I’m not writing about their wedding.  No, I’m going to take some of the wonderful words Rick said out of context.  Because he taught me a lesson- one I want to share with you.

Rick observed that the Maccabees (the priests/fighters of the Chanuka tradition) did all sorts of preparations.  They fought all sorts of battles.  They thought they were ready for anything and everything.  They prevailed by recapturing the Temple.

And, then… they took a leap of faith.  They lit the menora, knowing they only had enough oil for one day- with no true thought to what that would mean tomorrow.   Think about that.

When we prepare to start a new venture or introduce a new product or deliver a new service, we prepare.  We make sure the product/service/concept is ready. We prepare a business plan to help us be aware of what awaits us as we grow this business/service.  We have all sorts of timelines with breakpoints and milestones.

And, then we’re ready.  And, yes, we are actually taking that same leap of faith.  Expecting all the preparations we’ve made and those analyses we’ve completed to make it possible for us to cross that chasm to success.   Of course, all the preparations we did were to render that chasm as small as possible (preferably as small and as a dangerous as the “crack” in a cement sidewalk).   But, it’s still a leap of faith.

Thanks, Rick for reminding me to remind all of us that we need to make those leaps of faith.  Expecting things to work exactly as planned- or not- to afford us the opportunity for success.

Rick and Maraji… may your leap of faith afford you just the excitement you need to keep the flames of love and passion afloat for the rest of your lives.

And, for those endeavoring new projects or enterprises- may those leaps of faith empower you to keep giving it your all, to enjoy the journey as well as the destination.

What an appropriate concept for those who are superstitious.    Happy Friday the 13th!

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