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Yesterday, I spoke about my trip to New York City for an art exhibition.

Today, I will take you on another virtual art tour.  One that will highlight the work of a few of my clients.   To be honest, it was tough to choose them.  But, without revealing my criteria, I am pleased with my choices.

Why am I doing this?  First of all, I love art.  Every Shabat and every holiday where I share my table with friends and relatives, I obtain immense pleasure as I look around my walls.  To see the art work that adorns every nook and cranny.  Even when I work or watch TV, it’s impossible to look up or out without feasting my eyes on wonderful, colorful masterpieces that egg on creative thought.

I’ve been lucky.  My company had managed to give me the wherewithal to acquire these pieces.  Back when I was starting graduate school, I only had posters on the wall.  They were nice- but lacked the character and individuality necessary to inspire me.

I’m not saying y’all lack sufficient funds to acquire an Egbi, an Agam, an Erte, a Peter Max, a Dali.  If you do- please go and enjoy such pieces.  But not because of their pedigree- because the piece excites something in your psyche.

And, if you can’t afford such artists’ masterpieces, instead of purchasing posters and frames- invest in original art.  Because the textures, the colors- they will inspire you. They will cause you to have conversations with your guests about the pieces.  Returning the investment you made manifold.

Consider Regina Miele.  She’s a Jersey girl.  (Look.  I’m from New York.  I know what that means.)  She graduated from Catholic University (BA, honors with a major in painting).  She also trained at Il Scuolo Lorenzo di Medici (Florence, Italy).  Her work has adorned galleries around the world.  She’s captured her views and impressions of the trips between DC and New York, urban landscapes, and interior views. 

Regina Miele

Or, Elise Boysaw.  Now living in Phoenix (AZ), her work involves colorful abstract visions.  I’ve actually collaborated with her, writing a blog post that was adorned with pieces of her art.  (To be honest, I got to see her pieces first- and then created my response.)  Her paintings would work in your dining room, your bedroom, or even your office.

Elise Boysaw

Then, there’s Lisa Brandel.  Who lives in the middle of nowhere in Ohio.  (You should know that I consider most of Ohio nowhere.  I’m far more partial to Michigan. Oh,and Lisa is a dear friend- not a client 🙁 ) Lisa produces wonderful paintings and sculptures.   An activist and an artist, her paintings exude gallons of emotion.

Lisa BrandelLisa Brandel

So, instead of reaching for that poster at Target or Michael’s- consider going for something original.  Something only you will have- and can share the emotions and  views with others.

Roy A. Ackerman, Ph.D., E.A.

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