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Yom Tov Pesach (when we don’t work)

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The Ten Plagues. Dam, Tzfardaya, Kinim..  In English: Blood. Frogs. Lice. Wild Beasts. Pestilence. Boils. Hail. Locusts. Darkness. Slaying of the First-born.

English: Festive Seder table with wine, matza ...
English: Festive Seder table with wine, matza and Seder plate. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

After which, Pharaoh agrees that the Jews can leave Mitzrayim- the narrow place. Only to change his mind, and chase after them- but gets caught in the waters as they return to their normal condition, having parted for the Jews to cross to the other shore.

This holiday of Freedom, where we celebrate this release from bondage, is spent with our families, recounting the events in Egypt and our release.

May you all find release from your narrow places, to the expanse of freedom and the responsibilities that freedom entails.

(I’m spending the holiday with my children, my grandchild, and my friends. My postings will resume on Thursday.)

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