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I’ve earned my grey hair!

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Yes, my birthday is 9/9. Tomorrow.   The 9th day of the 9th month- at least that’s what it is  in the secular calendar.  And, tomorrow is also the anniversary of my Bar Mitzva.  That’s not happened before.

I’ve accomplished much, attempted more, and been pretty happy with the results in general. But, my greatest treasures are my kids.

My eldest daughter has a wonderful position at a major hospital- a brand new job, having left the university life after more than a decade. Living and loving her family. What could be better for a rose in the garden of life?

Shoshana Hocking

My middle child has traveled the world and is living with her loved one. Back in the town of her earliest life, Charlottesville.

Shira Batya

My youngest is enjoying his life in Manhattan- the city of cities. (Outside of Jerusalem.) Putting in the long hours demanded of millennials, as he works near Bryant Park in the financial sector.

Dan at the Churva

My son-in-law. Who is still doing the research he wants. Helping kids cope with cancer. Who literally just presented a paper on his work in Los Angeles.  And, teaching at the university. Albeit in slightly different fashion, with different mentors. That’s what growth is all about.

Dr. M. HockingMy grandson. Who just started third grade. Who has an imagination as big as the universe. And, a vocabulary to match. And, a smile that is unbeatable.

Eli At Alex' Lemonade Stand

My staff and former staff. Who made and make it possible for the mission I chose for our lives to be accomplishable. To make this world better, one client at a time. I owe you all.

Mission Statement
My personal Mission Statement

And, my constellation of friends. Who make each day a holiday for me. Thanks for being there for me.

May we all make this world better- one step, one client, one child, one friend- at a time. Because we all deserve it- and deserve to know the attention we deserve is there for us.

Roy A. Ackerman, PhD, EA

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