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I routinely use a virtual disk and use an alternative eMail address when I peruse the web. I don’t want anyone to be able to insert a bot or a virus on my computer that will leave me unable to peruse my data- more importantly, I don’t want anyone else to examine the contents of my computer.

So, when I use my tablet (not my computer), I am always surprised when I see certain inserts on Facebook. Because Facebook wants to make money- and they let vendors tailor ads to what they think interests me. (Trust me- they are far off the mark.)

And, as I wrote back in 2014, addressable advertising is something some cable, FIOS, and dish providers have been employing to amplify their revenue. These providers use targeted ads, based upon what we programs we routinely watch.

Adressable Advertising

Now, the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) is going to extend this capability to everyone. They call this abomination “NextGen TV”- but the only thing NextGen does is provide permission to these broadcasters to track our viewing habits and use that to target advertising to drive us nuts. (The ‘technical’ nomenclature for this capability is called ATSC 3.0 [which I’ve been using to watch TV on my computer screens for nearly 5 years now].)

Supposedly, this abomination (along with something I’ve also discussed back in 2014- net in-neutrality) is being approved so that the broadcasters will have exact data on TV ratings, as opposed to the standard “Nielsen” numbers bandied about. And, given that we are bombarded with fake news, you’ll also be told  that this technology will provide better video and audio to our homes. And, we’ll also be told that the broadcasters are going to need permission from the FTC (Federal Trade Commission), because our privacy is going to be violated.

But, then how will this technology let broadcasters know who’s watching what? Obviously, our privacy rights are being trampled with nary a peep required from the FTC. And, that’s because the FTC really only regulates the process when and if the broadcaster breaches the promises they make concerning what privacy rights they are already violating.

Yes, that means if the broadcaster makes no claims to keep your viewing private, they violate nothing.

I saw you!  You just turned off that explicit version of 50 Shades of Grey Darker!Roy A. Ackerman, Ph.D., E.A.



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