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“Polish Death Camps”. It’s a fact. Despite their new law.

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I have been consistent on this matter my whole life. As have the facts been consistent. The Poles were complicit in the extermination of the Jews during World War II. And, complicit is way too passive a verb.

So, go ahead, Poland. Try me for your new crime- to make it illegal tell the truth that Poland IS guilty of killing Jews.

Let us not forget that this was not a one-time thing either. After all, when the darling of the West, Lech Walesa, lost his election in 1995, he blamed the Jews for his loss. All 3200 of them.  (By then, only 0.01% of the population were Jews, down from 3.25 million total Jewish population before the war, when they comprised 10% of the country’s population). (It’s clear from Walesa’s proclamation that the Jews must have studied the Chicago (Daley) machine’s tactics- and effected them 1000 times better at stuffing the ballot box.)

I’m guessing since America has presented the world with a President who routinely invents facts not in evidence, other countries feel free to create their own alternative histories. and, we’re not talking about how the Soviets used to airbrush previous heroes out of pictures as they fell out of favor. But, more like, Goebbels, the ultimate Nazi fabricator, who routinely invented his own version of propaganda.

And, don’t give me any crap for bringing up Geobbels. I know many politically correct police demand we not equate the German atrocities and propaganda ministry with any current events. Except this comparison is apt.

Poland, despite any laws they wish to pass to absolve their people and their history from ACTIVE compliance in the murder of Jews, is guilty. And, their new law only compounds their guild.

What does this new law stipulate? That we are not allowed to call all those concentration camps “Polish Death Camps”. (The definition of political correctness gone amuck). Punishable by a 3 year prison sentence- even for foreigners. Claiming that this is “contrary to facts”. (See why I brought up TheDonald. Because only alternative facts are allowed.) Or, that Poland is even co-responsible for war atrocities or crimes against humanity during World War II.

I am not saying that Polish people didn’t die at the hands of the Nazis. But, that fact has no bearing on Polish guilt and complicity. Did not Germans, in their own country, die at the hand of the Nazis?

Polish Death Camps
Polish Death Camps

By 1937, BEFORE the Nazis took over Poland, anti-Semitism was once again reaching a fever pitch and quotas were imposed on college matriculation, national boycotts of Jewish shops and factories, outlawing the production of kosher food, and the ridiculous (unless you were Jewish and subject to the pogroms) Jewish Blood Libel were already the national zeitgeist.

No. As I wrote last summer, when my son and I made a trip to Auschwitz (which required a journey to israel to feel the counterpoint), idea that Jews were being gassed and cremated (which, by the way, violated Jewish precepts).   Like one would not recognize the stench created when a single human being is burned- let alone the thousands each and every day of the week.

Or, the fact that the Polish people (who were evacuated from the immediate area of Auschwitz, but still lived nearby) who also claimed they had no idea.  (And, still claim that canaard to this very day.) As they watched (and heard the cries of) Jews by the thousands being transported from every nook and cranny of Europe by train (80 to a car, which meant every human in the car had to stand erect for the entire journey) to their death at Auschwitz.

By the way, Auschwitz (just one of MANY Polish/German Death Camps) effected the slaughter of at least 1 million Jews. 1,000,000. And, 75,000 other folks. (Non-Jewish Poles, presumably.) Keep THAT data in mind.

And, of course, there were plenty of Polish incidents. For example, the Poles- without ANY help from the Nazis- rounded up  their Jewish neighbors and burned at least 340 of them (men, women, and children) alive in a barn in Jedwabne (10 July 1941). This is not an isolated case-  some 200,000 Polish Jews were slaughtered by their Polish “brethren“.

No, Poland. You are guilty. You will always be guilty. Unless and until you admit it and change your ways.

I salute you, Poland. With my middle finger.Roy A. Ackerman, Ph.D., E.A.

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6 thoughts on ““Polish Death Camps”. It’s a fact. Despite their new law.”

  1. I believe in the truth and reconciliation process and truly believe it can work in this situation. Only everyone has to be willing to talk about the realities. It can’t be brushed under a rug, like it never happened.

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