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You have to be carefully taught.  Being given a green light makes the situation worse.

What am i talking about?  Racism.  Nazism.  Fascism.  And, I know a bunch of you are going to switch sites now, because you hate being preached to.  Because you want to keep onto your hate.

Or, worse.  You’ll tell me you don’t hate Blacks, Hispanics, or Jews.  As you avoid all contact with them or use derogatory terms.  Some of us are now scratching our heads and agonizing over our treatment of the opposite sex, too.  It seems at least that portion of our communal lives is finally going to be brought under control.

Who’s condoning such hatred?  Why, our twitterer-in-chief.  Who tweets out racist messages.  Who broadcasts fake videos to inflame hatred of Muslims.  Who tweets out anti-Semitic memes.  (Don’t bother telling me his son-in-law is Jewish.  That changes nothing.)

Who gets caught on camera (16 October 2016) saying…

Donald Trump on women

Or, how he defends Nazis and fascists.

Donald Trump defends Nazis

But, this blog is not about TheDonald.  Consider this statement by Jennifer K (last name withheld), who proclaimed she isn’t anti-Semitic, just the other day.
I was mighty tempted to inform her what I really thought.  Instead, I tempered my remarks.  I shouldn’t have.

And, given these kinds of dog-whistles, it shouldn’t surprise you to know that the KKK has been soliciting new members in rural Virginia.   Right before Thanksgiving.

Bags with messages denouncing “Black Lives Matter”, “Jews and their synagogues of Satan”.  Inviting residents to join the KKK (actually the Loyal White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan, headquartered in Pelman, NC).

When the Rappahannock County Sheriff was notified, the force collected at least 50 such bags deposited in the driveways of neighborhood homes and businesses.   (By the way, the only legal charge this escapade can bring is “littering”.)

This was after those bags were dropped off in Front Royal and Strasburg (both in Virginia) two months ago.  Or, the much bigger town of Winchester, that was plastered on Halloween.

It turns out they’ve tormented 34 communities – and their “brethren” hit up 37 more locales in 13 states.

The Imperial Wizard (Chris Barker) is thrilled to announce that they’ve sworn in 12 new members recently.  Claiming they don’t espouse hate (sic) but are “Christian-based” and “uphold the bible”.  Or, that they “killed 6 million Jews the last time.  Eleven million (the purported total number of illegal immigrants in the US) is nothing.”  Sounds to me just like the claims of ISIS and the Taliban.  (Except these other terrorist groups are Islamic-based.)

Just so you remember.   This KKK entity is the group that terrorized the folks of Charlottesville.  With help from Richard Spencer and his neo-Nazi, white nationalists.

It’s up to us to stop this crusade.  Against women, against Blacks, against Hispanics, against Jews, against Muslims.

Roy A. Ackerman, Ph.D., E.A.


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