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You know, I don’t have the ridiculous fear of the number 13.  Not that I have no fears- I’ve got plenty of my own irrational fears.  But, not of the number 13.

Which is really a good thing.  Since my middle child- who served as my youngest for a very, very, very long time (until a surprise child arrived)- was born on the 13th of September.  Like my eldest, she, too, was not terribly compliant.  They were both due on MY birthday.  But, they didn’t want to have to share that with me, I guess.

Let me explain how Shira lives her own life.  When Shira was not yet 2, we brought her to Israel. And, when she and her older sister hit the beaches of Tel Aviv, it was her first encounter with sand. So, she did what all little kids do to investigate- she put the granules in her mouth… (No, Shira, I won’t forget that story.)

And, then when it was just the three of us (that’s Shira, Shanna, and I), we traveled around the US. On one such journey, Shira decided to assert her independence yet again. She walked into the girl’s room in the Charlotte Airport- by herself. She was a big girl. And, then, she  decided to not come out. Not when her older sister tried to cajole her- she actually made the decision that she didn’t  want us to reach our destination.

Shira At 4

Unfortunately for Shira, her dad is just as determined. And, announced loudly to anyone (there were none, thankfully) in the bathroom that I was coming in to get my little girl.   You can bet we boarded our next plane and reached our destination on time.

Shira also wanted to help in the kitchen. She was a “big girl” (even bigger than before) now and big girls could do things, just like her 3 siblings (2 step-siblings) had to do. So, she was asked to wash the lettuce. Yep! You guessed it…Shira proceeded to use the soap to wash the lettuce. (Of course, given today’s food quality, she may have been prescient and killed/removed all vestiges of those pesky microbes and viri that have been infecting folks around the US.)

Now, the much older Shira has traveled the globe. She’s traveled the US. And, she follows the beat of her own drum. (OK, I am sure she also pays attention to Chris’ rumble, too.)

And, for the second year in a row- but that has not been true for a long time, she is not missing out on her birthday celebrations. Because this year the Jewish holidays are “late”. (Please note:  Jewish holidays are always on time and  on the same date- it’s just how those dates synchronize with the secular calendar that makes them appear late or early.)

Shira will still celebrate her day of at-one-ment. Where she takes stock of her life and prepares for the rest of her journey.

I can hardly wait to see that journey progress!

Happy birthday, Shira Batya… I love you.

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