The First Tuesday in November.

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Voting counts. It certainly is VERY important if you live in the Commonwealth of Virginia or New Jersey.  Almost all our state and local office positions are up for grabs.  Washington state is having a special election that can change who is in control of the legislative body.

And, later still there’s the Alabama Senate election.  Between someone who believes only Christians count in America and a more sensible choice.  California (34), Georgia (6),  Kansas (4), South Carolina (5), Utah (3), and Montana (at large) are voting for new Congressional representation.

Every vote for every office counts. Your state legislature will decide your state taxes, your roads, your highways, your schools. Some of them will try to bar folks from voting in the future. Others will disallow abortion (let’s not BS one another and say they are making things safer). If you don’t vote, then you are saying you don’t care.


But, these same legislators are the ones who will decide if- and how- every district will be gerrymandered to insure that incumbents will never lose an election.

The issue comes down to this- if you don’t vote, then you have no say in how things will be for the next two- or more years.   So, in at least three states, big things are up for grabs. In others, it’s local issues. Ergo, vote today.  It is your duty as a citizen. And, we (the United States) need all the help we can get.

If there are big lines, suck it up. Wait the hour. Bring your iPad or Kindle to while the time away.  Because your vote is critical.

Just Vote.Roy A. Ackerman, Ph.D., E.A.

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