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A dilemna.

I live on a block that has all of the residents parallel parking on an alley way.  And, my next door neighbor obviously never learned how to park his car.  Which means that my bumpers bear the scars of his efforts.

I bought my car after I moved to this new (for me) location.  And, it was in stellar condition.  Now…  Well, look for yourself.

BumperAt first, it was just the chipping.  But, then the other day- either whe he was coming in for the night or leaving in the morning- he clearly missed determining the clearance completely.  Those new scrapes- and the dent- are pretty pronounced.

Oh, and I’m not guessing as to who is doing this.  Because the day AFTER this happened, I examined his front bumper.  Which, of course, had developed a matching “improvement”.

The culprit

Has he ever knocked on my door to tell me of his problems?  (OK, I admit they are now MY problems, but you get the idea.)  Heck, NO!

So, my question for you, dear readers, is should I confront him?  Or, should I wait until i am ready to move away- or buy a new car- and then inform him that he needs to pay for the repairs to my car’s bumper?

Why would I wait?  Well, I am fairly certain that should I fix these blemishes (and one big bump) now, he will only continue to provide his daily  “transportation renewal” to my bumper.

But, I look forward to your suggestions.

Roy A. Ackerman, Ph.D., E.A.

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