The year is half-over…What have you done so far?

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Stubborn. Determined. Disciplined. Persistent. All of these words say the same thing- even if some of them evoke negative connotations. And, the personality characteristics that underlie these words are critical to bring about change. (We also need to know when and if we need to stop being persistent- sometimes it is time to stop.)

These factors can be taught. There are many things that my parents did wrong- but they did insure that I would be stubborn and persistent. They also made sure that I would continually question myself, to insure that what I latched onto was the proper goal, the proper system of actions.

I used these characteristics to develop my products, processes, and companies. But, in spite of the hoopla berating President Obama’s comment, I didn’t develop them alone. Oh, the idea, the design, the concept – they were pretty much mine alone. But, I used the knowledge of others to build upon, to mesh that data into my creations. I discussed my often hare-brained ideas with colleagues, which also forced me to hone my thoughts, refine the ideas, and bring forth the ultimate product or process.

And, I built my companies with processes to insure that everyone can express their ideas. I wanted everyone to work together, producing the products, offering the services to our customers and clients. Where everyone gets credit for their ideas and their work. (Check out my publications- those co-authors all had things they added to the development of the ideas expressed therein.) The trick is to insure that everyone has the knowledge and the insights you have.  When you share this information, you give others the opportunity to master the task- and often to progress your goals even further than you did yourself.

Because when you build teams like that, when you grow your companies with people who believe they can move mountains- they can and they will. And, that’s how great ideas become great companies.

You should be doing the same with your companies. Start now- it’s never too late.  We need to scale those ideas into action- because it’s only then that we can make this world a better place.

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