Product/Process Development


Most clients fall prey to developing a product without adequately defining it or assuming it can be done on a “when-there’s-time” basis and still finish on a schedule.  We have found over more than forty years of effort that product/process design starts with a clear definition- including “musts”, “wants”, and “acceptables”.  Prototyping early and often (no, it doesn’t have to be the final design- functional prototypes are also critical) helps keep the definitions scoped correctly.

The key is to maintain a balance between the constraints of Quality, Cost, and Time.  Quality is NOT affected if a “want” is dropped, but it is if a “must” is compromised.  One does not always design the “perfect” product (boy, would that be nice!), but one that meets every must, and most of the wants.  Time is always in short supply, and Costs include in-house, consultants, technology, and materials.

The constraints of Time and Quality should be more important- since the first to market means more than saving pennies- or even thousands of dollars.  But, the the most important component of a successful development effort is the experienced project leader (of course, that would be us!).  The leader needs to remove the noise from the real problems, the creative solutions from the hare-brained, and the gold from the chaff.

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Past Product and Process Development Efforts


 water treatment

solid waste treatment



anaerobic digestion

bacterial manufacture

septic tanks and leachfields

onsite water treatment


membrane processes

respiratory care

pH and pIon electrodes

computer systems

penicillin production

pyrolysis of wastes

dechlorination of water for human and animal protection

beverage production

respiratory incentive spirometry

urinary catheter design

coronary catheters

heart assist devices

food production and storage

 bottling of fruit-ades

aseptic production

portable baby bath

 plastic toilet bowl systems

china toilet systems (low flush)

water recycling for nuclear industry

mining waste treatment and recycle

car wash design (and water treatment)

commercial laundromat design (and water treatment)

residential water treatment

Pseudomonas syringae for dutch elm disease and ice formation

dialysis center design

dry cleaning system for the home

bacterial degradation of hazardous material

bacterial mining systems

airport design and management

automobile engine design and air pollution

airline marketing programs

electronic health record systems

electronic commerce systems

colon electrolyte lavage

antacid formulations

transdermal drug delivery