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Loan Proposal:

The approval of a loan request depends on how well you present yourself, your business and your financial needs to a lender.A loan proposal should contain these elements:


This should be clear, concise, accurate and inviting. You want to summarize how the proposed loan will be used, how it will be repaid and how it will benefit your business.

Senior Management Profiles

You will need resumes as well as a summary of experience, qualifications and credentials for all owners and key members of your management team.


Business Explanation

Include a brief overview of the history of your business, plus a summary of current activities. Make sure you demonstrate that you understand your markets and industry (current trends and risks). Include literature showing your products or services. It's helpful to include letters from suppliers, customers and other business references.


Financial Projections & Financial Statements
Include projected income statements and cash-flow statements for two to three years. Your assumptions should be clearly stated and realistic.  It may be necessary to include a personal financial statement, as well.


Purpose for the Proceeds


Present a detailed statement of how you will use the loan proceeds. Don't forget to include the proceeds of the loan in your cash-flow projections (and the interest in your projected income statement).

Loan Request

Remember that you are offering the bank a deal that will make them money - you are not asking for an "allowance." The attitude you should take is to ask, "How much money do I need, and how much will they lend?" and not, "Will they lend it?"

Repayment Process
You will have to make some assumptions about the terms of the loan in your proposal. The bank will consider a number of factors as it assesses the risk of the loan. This will impact the repayment terms it's willing to give you.
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